MarbleCards Guide #2— Card customization

In this guide we will be talking about different ways to customize your cards and how to do it.

Two main ways of card customization are cropping and remarbling.

  1. Cropping adjusts the picture from the URL meta-data to the desirable focus spot and size in the circle frame of your card.
  2. Remarbling refers to generating an alternative card marbling frame pattern on your Marble card.

The other ways to customize a Marble card are with stamps and sigs.

Stamps are the official MarbleCards seals on cards. You can win them by participating in different events or contests.

  1. Sigs are the signatures you can receive from the authors behind the content on the URL you’ve marbled a card from.

So let’s crop a card!
We will be using the Triggered Stan card we made in the previous guide on how to make a card.

On the bottom of the page, you can see the “Edit card image” option. Press it.

On the pop-up screen adjust the circle to your liking. I’ve chosen to line up Stans head into the circle.
Let’s compare the before and after cropping.

Before & after cropping.

You can also choose to remarble and attempt to make your card look even more desirable.

Right next to the “Edit card image” you can see the “Remarble card pattern” option. Press it.

Now when you’re on the remarbling page, on the bottom right there is an option called “Remarble (randomised)”. After you press the Remarble button, your card frame will get new generative art within minutes.

Note that once a card is remarbled you can not return to the previous marble pattern.

So, let’s try it out!

Before & after remarbling.

This covers the main customization features of a Marble card.
Now, let’s discuss some lesser known ways to differentiate your cards.


Example of a stamped card.

This stamp, for example, is a reward for holding a certain amount of mHarold tokens in the MarbleCards meme markets.

If you want to find out more about our meme markets, you can refer to our article giving an overview.

There are several types of stamps that you can win by participating in different events across the MarbleCards platform.


As mentioned before, autograph are the signatures you can receive from the creators behind the content of the URL you’ve marbled a card from. You can look at it as a verification and a literal stamp of approval from the creator.

Examples of signatures cards.

How can you get a signature on your card?

First, you need to make sure the artist you’re trying to get autograph from is verified artist on our site. If not you can be the one that brings them. Reach out to them and send them verification form to fill in and be rewarded with the #1 verified card by that artist.

Go to “Get card autographed”.

Pop-up menu will open. Select creator of the content behind the card and make your offer.

Your card will be verified once the creator accepts your offer. Artist have the right to refuse to autograph the card in order to curate their own verified collection themselves. So make sure those verified candidates are spicy looking 🙂

In our next guide, we will be talking about the Arena and ways to earn Memecoin.