Raises $5 Million to Launch First Meme Market Platform

We’re so excited to announce our first of many announcements for the launch of and our Meme market platform. We’ve been working with a range of fantastic companies to get here and this is just the beginning. Keep scrolling for a brief summary:

May 25, 2021 ––, a platform dedicated to meme markets and trend exploration, has raised $5 million from several leading blockchain-focused VC funds.

Over a dozen investors contributed to the round including top-tier firms such as Outlier Ventures, Digital Finance Group (DFG), Morningstar, Blockhype, and Spark Digital Capital. Additional funding came from angel investors Gabby Dizon, the CEO of Altitude Games, and Polygon (Matic) Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

“The vision of a platform that uses crypto to measure the value of content on the Internet has been with us for a long time. Those who’ve been following our community know that memes are at the core of our DNA. We are now doubling down on this with,  – Johan Unger, Ancient Alien at

“The team has a passion and several years of experience with viral and memetic content, which is an integral part of the internet. We believe that humor and memes have the power to connect people and create unique shared experiences,” continues Mattias Tyrberg, Sir Stonks at

“We believe that memes and meme markets, such as, are a promising and innovative way to empower users who find or create trends,” added DFG’s Head of Investment, Joanna Liang. 

“We have high hopes that will push the boundaries of memecoins, NFTs and digital art in unique ways as this sector continues to develop.” enables users to mint memetic tokens that are based on the perceived value of the trend or meme they represent. Content around each meme is crowdsourced by the community and the best memes each month receive rewards that include special NFT art.

Meme tokens can be staked on the platform to incentivize the community to create and contribute to a specific meme. Within the marketplace, the value of each meme and trend can be measured and compared over time, like a CoinMarketCap for memetic content.

Memecoins such as Dogecoin have enjoyed enormous popularity in recent months, while NFTs have also drawn tens of millions of dollars in liquidity to the crypto market. aims to cater to both markets, opening the doors to those who may previously have had little cause to explore digital assets.

About is a platform where explorers meet to share their meme discoveries and creations. Operating at the intersection of memes, NFTs and social media, the platform describes itself as what would happen if Doge and Wikipedia had a baby. Backed by several leading VC firms, uses crypto mechanics to create an entertaining portal to the world of memecoins and NFTs.