Introducing the Marble.Cards Arena

Curation is King

One of the strengths of the Internet is that it enables anyone to curate information. Most major platforms do so in some form, and it normally follows the process of someone posting content, followed by ranking through upvotes and likes. The results define if and how content will be displayed in feeds and lists.

We want this to be reflected in the first application we build on the MarbleCards platform.

The objective of this application – called The Arena – is to combine the curation mechanic above with what makes Marble.Cards unique, namely the collectability and itemization of the Internet itself.

Introducing The Arena

Rise in the ranks and earn by playing your favorite Marble cards against others — around any theme you can think of. Here is a first sneak peek.

In the Arena, players compete with their cards in various topics. An Arena is a ranked list of Marble cards around a certain theme, similar to a subreddit. Every league has a unique #name, and is represented by an NFT owned by a player. Owning an arena will generate passive income for the owner.

Each card in an arena is ranked based on the Battle win ratio of that card. Anyone can submit a card to a league, as long as the card meets that leagues requirements such as minimum level, specific collection etc. The cost to add a card range from free to costly depending on what rules the arena owner has set.

Once a card is added, it starts to battle other cards. A Battle is two opposing cards fighting for votes from other players. For voters, how often you vote on winners impact what rewards you get, such as XP, Memecoin and ETH.

How To Play

Players get rewarded in the game by performing well in certain tasks, such as submitting cards or voting.

Card Owner

As the owner of a card in an arena, you get part of the rewards pool that was allocated to it. The amount that you get is based on the placement of your card in the arena.


Players that vote in battles get rewarded based on how good they are at voting on the winning cards. Best voters get the highest rewards.

Arena owner

As the owner of an Arena you get part of the allocated rewards. The amount is dependent on the popularity of the arena; how many people are playing and how much voting is taking place.