The Story of $MEM

So it begins. The foundation is laid out. The establishment is starting to take shape. 

We are fast approaching the mainnet launch of and want to lay out to the community how the $MEM token is structured.

Token address;



$MEM is the native token for and all its products. It encompasses the following functions:

  • Buying Meme Tokens in the Meme Markets
  • Creating and upgrading Marble cards
  • Payment for platform fees like content submissions
  • Staking
  • DAO Governance

The total token supply of $MEM will be 100,000,000. The supply will be broken down across community, investors, team and advisors.


46% of the $MEM supply is reserved for community allocation, and includes things like platform and staking rewards, airdrops and other things that will benefit the community and the project. 

We also want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful community of early adopters who helped get us here today. All holders of Marble cards up until now will share 1% of the supply based on how many cards they own.


27% of the total $MEM supply is reserved for early investors of the establishment. Investor allocations are subject to a cliff and vesting period. Vest between 6 and 36 months.


The team is allocated 25% of the total $MEM supply. The team is subject to a 3 month cliff, followed by a 33 month vesting period. 


Our advisors have been allocated 1.1% of the total $MEM supply, and are subject to a 3 month cliff and vests over 21 months.

Detailed tokenomics document

Here is the full tokentomics document. Please note that there might be smaller changes until vesting contract has been deployed that is aimed to do before first vesting in July. If difference between this blogpost and the file the file has the most updated information.

What’s next

On June 15th, the IDO will take place on Polkastarter, as the first ever IDO on Polygon! Once that is done, the establishment will embark on the first memetic expeditions a few weeks later. Get ready!


⚠️ Everything related to $MEM tokens, smart contracts and their addresses will be only available on official channels. 

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