The LULpaper

On it will be possible to create markets and collectibles around any trend. Anyone can get exposure to things they believe in.

The Meme Market

The Meme Market is where meme enthusiasts trade ownership of different Meme Tokens. For example mPEPE, mDOGE and mHAROLD are some of the more popular ones, and are bought and sold based on the perceived value of those memes. Meme Tokens are created with $MEM by locking them in the market contract.

The Meme Clubs

Each meme has its own club, to get access to the club you must own Meme Tokens for that meme. Every Meme Club will have an exclusive space with achievements and information about that club!

The Meme Quests

Support your favorite memes! This is either done by staking Meme Tokens, or contributing to the club with content and other forms of value. Each meme will have its own page with information, data, tokens and history around the meme.

About is a memetic asset protocol, powered by the Majestic Enterprise of Memetic Exploration.
It creates the ability to quantify all information and their network effects. It’s a story layer of the Internet. Launched back in 2018, the project started out as Marble.Cards which is a collectible bookmarking tool.

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