The Meme Foundational Charity Gala Event

You are formally invited to attend the foundational Charity Gala event from

This Sunday on the 20th of June, 2021 at 15:00 UTC we will launch the Gitcoin domain as the newest collection on

All proceeds from this finest of marbling events will be donated to a Gitcoin Grant.

The propulsion of the Blockchain Ecosystem by Gitcoin has been impeccable. A plethora of resources are available on where you can earn whilst building, learn from industry titans, connect with others in the space and fund projects you believe in. One could argue they have been one of the most meaningful companies in our short onchain history.

As we are connoisseurs for elaborate meta-data rich domains, you will likely find the marbling opportunities for Gitcoin phenomenal.

About is an NFT creation platform where you have a heavy hand in curation of each NFT. These cards can be specialized by your chosen URLs meta-data image, an image crop feature to focus on the meta-data important to you in that image, and a randomized marbling frame. After a URL is claimed, the URL is no longer available to make another NFT. We like to think of each Marble card as a bookmark for a webpage it represents!

About is a memetic asset protocol platform where explorers meet to share their meme discoveries and creations. Operating at the intersection of DeFi, memes and NFTs, the platform creates the ability to quantify all information and their network effects in a decentralized way.

Think of it as a CoinMarketCap for memes which are represented by Meme Tokens. Each Meme Token is purchased on a token bonding curve with our native currency Memecoin ($MEM).

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