Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked a lot of the same type of questions, so we thought we’d collect the most asked questions and answer them all in a blog post.

1. What is and how did this concept become reality?

We’ll start off by giving a short explanation of as an overall concept. can be described as if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. A place where people explore different memes and trends on the internet. It enables users to mint Meme Tokens that are based on the perceived value of the trend or meme they represent. Content around each meme is crowdsourced by the community and the best memes each month receive rewards that include special NFT art. 

We have always been interested in how people consume and share content on the internet and that’s where the vision of a platform that uses crypto to measure the value of content was born. We think it can bring a lot of positive effects to how people are rewarded for creating and sharing good content.

2. Why do you think memes are so important for the cryptocurrency industry?

Memes are a very powerful way to communicate ideas, since people can quickly relate to what they see. Projects that do well often manage to tell a positive story using memes that are simple and easy to recognise.

3. Could you give us a structural analysis of, how does it work?

You have two main aspects;

The Meme Market: is where people trade ownership of different Meme Tokens. For example mPEPE, mDOGE and mHAROLD are some of the more popular ones, which are bought and sold based on the perceived value of those memes. Meme Tokens are bought with $MEM by locking them in the market contract.

The Meme Clubs: Sponsor your favorite memes to support them. This is done by staking Meme Tokens for rewards such as exclusive NFT art and coins such as $MEM. 

Users that create or spread content around a specific meme get rewards from the Meme Expedition they contributed to. Each meme will have its own page with information and history around the meme.

4. What are the unique features of the project?

We are the first project that builds a platform to measure the value of memes, using different crypto incentives that help fund meme creators.

5. How can users benefit from holding the $MEM token? Tell us a little bit more about the token.

$MEM is the native token for MEME.COM and all its products. It encompasses the following functions:
– Buying Meme Tokens in the Meme Markets
– Creating and upgrading Marble cards
– Payment for platform fees like content submissions
– Staking
– Governance
All info about it here:

6. How would you describe the safety of, its security and compliance measures?

We are working closely with our legal counsel to make sure we are compliant with all the laws in our jurisdiction.

All contracts are also audited.

7. What has the market response been like so far for

We are in contact with a lot of meme creators and crypto artists, who are very excited about what we are building.

In terms of meme coins in general, the trend has really picked up steam recently

More and more people are talking about meme coins and meme investing, here is a recent example from a16z:

8. At what stage of development are you right now and what are the future next steps?

We are one of the first NFT projects on Ethereum with Marble.Cards. So far people have created close to 120k NFTs on our platform. We recently raised over $5M which means we have been able to scale up the team, and have a roadmap spanning many years into the future. 

The next major release will be the Meme Markets, which is set to launch in July.

Our goal is to launch the mainnet of in mid July, which is when people can buy tokens like mPEPE, mHAROLD and mDOGE for the first time. After that we will launch new features continuously such as staking. During this time, it will also be possible to create meme NFT cards called Marble cards from a bunch of new sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

9. There are many disputes about some MEME coins whether they are outside or inside the circle. What do you think of the situation?

I think that it’s a weird concept; having “assets’’ where the value only comes from the story, i.e memetic value. That said, as a result of this they are often a lot more fun! Spreading memes is fun, and a lot of people can relate to that a lot more than say a stock or a complex cryptocurrency. 

That’s why I think a lot of people will be compelled by meme coins, its a way to speculate on trends, and hopefully have fun while doing it. That is what we are building with Its like a combination of investing and entertainment.

10. What is the value of Meme coin? Will the platform have review measures for Meme projects that appear on the platform?

We are very focused on contributing to the meme economy in a big way. We want this to be a way for meme creators to get some extra funding, and to connect with others. 

We also believe adding a financial element to memes will mean more people learn and get interested in them, because of the skin in the game aspect. And using all this data, we will be able to see which memes people actually care the most about.

11. What’s the best way for the community to stay up to date with news and announcements?

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