Harnessing the Polygon Toolbox of bountyblok for Meme.com

Our Partnership with bountyblok

We are excited to roll out a new partnership with the well seasoned team of blockchain tool builders at bountyblok

Whenever a project embraces the Polygon Ecosystem as bountyblok has, our interests are peaked. This developer heavy team impressed us with the NFT tools they have already built for large blockchain ecosystems such as WAX, Tezos and Polygon.

To further celebrate the continued growth of both projects on Polygon, the bountyblok team has designed a Meme.com GIFTNFT tool for us to celebrate our partnership. This sophisticated tool will allow you to gift an NFT to friends and family who don’t even have a blockchain wallet! (They will need to set one up to claim.)

How does this work? You just need the receiving parties email address or you can send a DM of any of your twitter friends. (SMS gifting coming soon.)

This is simply one of their tools we will use to expand awareness and adoption to the Meme.com and the Polygon Network ecosystem while standing shoulder to shoulder with bountyblok.

To bring our NFT community up to par with this new tool, we would like to announce a gifting event with a grand prize! 

The Marble Cards Gifting Extravaganza

  • You can now gift Marble Cards to your friends by email and Twitter DMs.
  • Gift a card to someone new using meme.giftnft.io… it’s free. (minus Matic gas fee)
  • Each gift sent will constitute one entry ticket. (up to 5 tickets per person)
  • At the end of the contest period each ticket will receive a card sent back to them from the card bazaar.
  • The contest begins today, July 6th 15:00 UTC until Monday July 12th 15:00 UTC
  • One random ticket will receive this ravishing Matic Twitter Phoenix Marble card and be forever in the chronicles of Meme.com history as the gifting king.

About bountyblok

bountyblok is essentially gamification, powered on the blockchain. They have been building for two years and have assisted many companies in growing their businesses through a vast set of blockchain tools. At the edge of disruption, this team is leading the blockchain revolution whilst staying out of the limelight.

About Meme.com

Meme.com has been described as if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. Our platform harnesses your exploration power in finding memes and trends into monetization via Meme Token markets and NFTs.

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