The Road to… the Contest

The Road

The next destination of our meme discovery together is quickly approaching. We invite you to embark with us on this astounding memetic journey down the road to

Save the date, you don’t want to miss this!

The Contest

A founding project milestone is shortly ahead, we would like to pave the days ahead with a spectacular meme remix contest.

As the road winds over the next week, we will randomly announce three different meme remix topics over our official Twitter account.

The objective is to explore ideas for a meme, create a remixed version of these memes WITH subject matter from our Genesis Meme Tokens, re-tweet and then drop your meme in the comments of a meme remix announcement!

Remix these memes and enter as often as you like!

The Genesis Meme Tokens to remix WITH the FORTHCOMING remix topics are:

This is fine
Distracted Boyfriend
Hide the Pain Harold

We will be slow dripping the meme remix topics, the first will be later today!

On Wednesday we will announce the ten finalist meme remixes chosen by the Meme Council.

They will be posted in our Discord where you can vote for your favorite meme remixes!

The top 5 will receive $100 in $MEM each.

The grand prize winner will receive a soon to be unveiled, rare Edition Marble card.

Below is an example of a meme remix of two memes: Doge and Deal WIth It

Current Twitter threads where to drop your remixes:

“Me and the Boys” remixes

“Ancient Aliens” remixes

“y tho” remixes

Join us for the save the date event in 6 days, simply memetastic!

See you there!


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