Me and the Boys


The evolution of the Me and the Boys meme came slow and steady. It was this 60’s Spider-Man version that eventually went viral beginning in early 2019 and has been gaining nostalgic giggles ever since. Even if you don’t love Spidey, the vintage style strikes a cord in meme lovers everywhere.

The meme centers on images of four Spider-Man Supervillians from the 1960s Spider-Man animated series. The most popular Me and the Boys template features Rhino, Vulture,  Electro, and the Green Goblin. Rhino was photoshopped into the original image of the other three, that was just one way the meme grew. 

On several occasions, an easy adaptation has been to swap other Spider-Man foes in for a different wrinkle… but there are many remixes of Me and the Boys with different characters. The message resonates well with most adaptations. 


This meme image generally represents a group of friends engaging in various activities and shenanigans together. Often dropped with a single text line, this meme has also been used to show an idea or event someone is excited about. A grand way to promote something you and your peer group believe in.

Why loves Me and the Boys

With a marvelous mix of 1960’s nostalgia with modern day trends, jokes and lingo… this meme construes a thought with comical elegance. There is something about four toothy smiles that just brings about a radiant smile to myself everytime I see Me and the Boys. This meme has even gotten giggles from my dad! Is this the gateway meme that will allow boomers to understand memes in mass and roll into the Meme Clubs with their Cuban Cigars and Gimlet cocktails? Me and the Boys waiting to find out!

Some of our favorite “Me and the Boys” memes

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