Ancient Aliens


Giorgio is known for being enthusiastic on subjects that are raised on the show and seem unexplainable… except to Giorgio. He often comes to a confident conclusion with a response of “aliens” or “extraterrestrials” being on earth. His energy has even the modest of skeptics entertaining his conclusions. 

Although the original Ancient Aliens meme is shown with GIorgio’s hands out and a smirk, this meme template has been used many different ways. If the hands are in the correct position, any charter is possible. A definite crowd pleaser. 


Confidence is not so funny, but overconfidence is hilarious. The Ancient Alien meme is a perfect vessel for a one liner where you want to portray overconfidence on something ridiculous. Just add the phrase to the question as “aliens” and you have yourself a winner.

Of course, you can always portray your favorite character with a similar hand motion and you can channel the reference. There are even some great meme remixes where an object is dropped into the hands. Many fun possibilities for this modern day classic! 

Why loves “Ancient Aliens”

Longevity. The Ancient Alien meme has been the cause for many laughs across the populace for years and there isn’t a scenario to imagine in seeing these memes slowing down in popularity. With hair like GIorgio’s, would you want to see them go away?

The future looks bright for an Ancient Alien Meme Token. How long will it be until it hits the Meme Markets and Memecoin can be traded for mANCIENT? Only God knows… and ALIENS!

A Sample of “Ancient Aliens” Memes

A Sample of “Ancient Aliens” Marble Cards


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