Launches Meme Market

Finally! We’re thrilled to announce that on Thursday at 12.00 UTC, it’s Beta launch time for! is a place for people to have fun and earn from creating and curating memes. It combines their viral power with crypto economics.

For several years, our committed team and community have been exploring these ideas with NFTs at Marble.Cards. Now, we raise the bar and double down on memes with

In the Beta, the following things will go down:

The Meme Market

This is the place where people create, buy and sell Meme Tokens. To create and buy Meme Tokens, players need to use Memecoin ($MEM). Anyone can create a Meme Token using a hashtag, as long as it hasn’t been created already.

In the forthcoming Beta, the amount of Meme Tokens will be limited to seven though. These are called the Genesis and will be released in batches over a couple of weeks.

As voted by the community, the Genesis Meme Tokens are:

This is fine
Distracted Boyfriend
Hide the Pain Harold

Buying and holding a Meme Token is a form of curation. It means you believe in that meme and its relevance. The value generated from the Meme Market goes to support the best content created by the community.

The Meme Quests

To achieve greatness, a community of Meme Token holders can complete different kinds of quests. 

The goal of a quest is to drive engagement and value around the meme. When a quest is completed, rare NFTs are discovered as rewards. These are created by meme artists, funded by the Meme Token community. Each new quest will be harder to complete than the ones before.

In the Beta, the first quest will be completed when a Meme Token reaches enough $MEM locked, combined with the amount of holders. This will unlock some amazing meme art by top NFT creators.

Future additions: Meme Pages and more

Outside of speculating on the value of memes, will be a destination where you discover data and share knowledge about them. This could be info such as origin stories, popularity, speculative data and NFT activity. Naturally this is only the beginning, and we have many things in the works, but more on that in the future!


Imagine if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. That would be peculiar… on, it is possible to create markets and collectibles around any trend. Anyone can get exposure to things they believe in. Some contribute amazing content, while others provide sponsorship.  

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