y tho


Y Tho, is simply an abbreviation of the question “Why though?”.

The y tho phrase was added to a painting of Pope Leon X by Fernando Botero in late 2014 and ran wild across the internet. The pope in the image is quite portly with a tiny face, making the painting a comical masterpiece. 


The y tho meme is often used as a response to a question as a brief and precise way of trolling. Nothing shakes up a long, boring dialogue from someone with a quick y tho meme drop.

Alternatively, this meme is a great way to present a thoughtful question that you don’t really know the question to. Presented in a Jeopardy way, with y tho as the answer in the form of a question. Alex Trebek is likely smiling down upon us meme makers with memes like y tho.

Why Meme.com loves “y tho”

Simple and clean to understand. Not only is this a quick witted funny response to someone, this can be a thought provoking meme as well. Dropping questions we need answers to at the drop of a meme. With the launch of the Meme Markets underway shortly, forgotten gem memes such as y tho are surely to give the classic memes a run for their money.

If you haven’t even thought about this meme as a tradable Meme Token, I only have one thing to say to you… y tho?

A Sample of “y tho” Memes

A Sample of “y tho” Marble Cards

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