A Guide to Remixing Memes for the Profane

Your brain did some unusual churning today… ever since you walked by those hippies outside near the park. Now you have this amazing idea growing for a meme. How can a novice transcend to become a spicy meme maker?

Well we at Meme.com are happy to help! Here is a quick guide to get started on your first of many meme masterpieces. Check the tool links at the bottom of the guide!

Steps to make a meme (easy)

  1. Simply use imgur, mematic or imgflip using the links below. They all offer popular meme templates and allow for uploads of your own image.
  2. Add “bottom” and “top” text. They allow for adjusting text size, position and additional text boxes.

Steps to make a meme (with spice)

  1. Use imgur, mematic or imgflip.
  2. Layer your image with pre loaded png images under the “sunglasses” button. (a png is a transparent image that can be layered on top a main image.)
  3. Add text.

Steps to make a meme (with extra spice)

  1. Use imgur, mematic or imgflip.
  2. Layer your image with pre loaded images under the “sunglasses” button.
  3. Add a png image of your own. (Use a “meme tool” link below or download from the web.)
  4. Add text.

Vibing High Granny with extra Spice

Raising your meme making game

One “issue”, if u can even call it that, is all these sites leave their watermark and some connoisseurs might consider this meme to be unpure.

For creating memes, many consider Photoshop to be the spiciest tool for the finest meme creations.

If you don’t have or know how to use Photoshop then you can opt to use an online service which will remove a watermark. Alternatively, you can just crop them out or use a screen shot tool to capture the meme except the watermark. Spicy!

Meme makers



https://www.mematic.net/ (mobile app)

Meme tools

https://photoscissors.com/ (remove image background free to png)

https://jpg2png.com/ (jpg to png convertor)

https://www.pngfind.com/ (png finder)

Meme sites

https://knowyourmeme.com/ (c’mon man)


https://meme.com/ (soon)

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