A Guide to the Meme Market

Meme.com is a place for people to have fun and earn from creating and curating memes. Part one is the Meme Market is now live at meme.com/market

1) Get some $MEM if you don’t have it already buy on Quickswap.
2) Go to meme.com/market
3) Log in using Metamask in top right corner, use Polygon Network.
4) Go to the Meme Token page you are interested in.
5) Buy Meme Tokens using $MEM under “Trade”.

Introducing the first beta of Meme.com

On the Meme Market page you find all the top Meme Tokens. A Meme Token is a form of membership badge, whose value comes from the perceived value of that trend. 

Clicking on one takes you to the Meme Token page:

Here you can interact with the Meme Token:

  • Buy/sell
  • See statistics and data
  • Find the top ranking Marble Cards

When buying or selling a Meme Token, there is a 2.5% fee. This goes into the treasury of that Meme Token, and is spent on artists that help boost the meme. 

Once you have some Meme Tokens, you can track them on your portfolio page. In the next update, you will be able to use your Meme Tokens to earn rare NFTs and other tokens. 

You also need to be on the Polygon network. To set it up, go to this site and search for Polygon then add to wallet.

Step by step guide:

  1. Get some $MEM if you don’t have it already. Easiest is to buy it on Quickswap.
  2. Log in using Metamask on Meme.com then go to the Meme Token page you are interested in.
  3. Buy Meme Tokens using $MEM under “Trade”.

The time has come to become masters of fine memes!