The image began circulating in 2010 on an English language “international” section of a German image board by a Polish user with the nickname “Wojak“. He originally began posting the simple, black-outlined drawing of the bald and hopeful looking man as the “Feels Guy”. It seemed the perfect label as the face would often be included with “that feel”, “that feel when” or “tfw”.

If I may digress a little here, meme creation was quite different ten years ago since a creator didn’t have as many meme enthusiasts or websites to post new memes along with the characters names… thus the “Feels Guy” organically transitioned to the name “Wojak“. A quite unexpected but natural transition all while using the creators nickname as homage.

The popularity arose as it spread to other international image boards and then 4chan where by 2011, several new Wojak images were circulating around. Most notably a meme of two Wojaks hugging one another with the caption “I know that feel bro”.

Later variants became popular by pairing Wojak with the unrelated character of Pepe the Frog. These were some of the first meme “remixes” thus holding a special place in most meme connoisseurs’ heart and soul. The relationship between Wojak and Pepe varied significantly depending on the artist with Pepe sometimes as a faithful companion to Wojak or other times threatening abuse to him.

Wojak has become a common sight on every social media site. The unassuming smile and basic drawing is so subtle that many have not quite realized they are reading a meme untilthey’ve absorbed the message. Throughout the historic rise of Wojak into mainstream memers visual vocabulary, there has been a rise of variants created. Most notably Brainlet, Shroomjak, Bearjak, NPC, Doomer Girl and Soyjak.


The Wojak meme began in its original form to represent general emotions; particularly loneliness, sadness and melancholy. With a steady creation of new Wojak characters, the meme variants have grown to include any emotion and express any topic. The message being spread with Wojak these days can be anything regarding emotions. With the large set of Wojak characters, it’s never been easier to facilitate a meme message… you may just simultaneously turn some non-memers into memers as the normies’ eyes and brain begin to open.

Why Meme.com loves Me and the Boys

Who doesn’t love Wojak? Here at Meme.com, knowing the history of Wojak was a requirement for employment. An absolute meme legend with many varieties construing many emotions and personality types. A simple clean drawing that has inspired and educated countless people through memes. With an open-ended theme and cast of Wojak characters, it’s quite easy to create a meme to get any point across.

Imagine a world where Wojak is just in the beginning stages of its evolution. The meme character certainly has been adopted by the crypto ecosystem as one of its unofficial visual spokesmodels. It begs to be considered… with all of the Wojak spinoffs and remixes out there, is Wojak the best meme character of all time? Will the growth of cryptocurrency propel the future of Wojak to an unseen level of meme popularity?

That feel when… you know Wojak greatness is upon us.

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