Distracted Boyfriend


The Distracted boyfriend meme image unknowingly came about during a 2015 Spain photo session for stock photos shot by Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem. It took a couple of years but around early 2017, social media users finally got around to using the image as a meme. By August of 2017 it went viral and caught the attention of meme connoisseurs.

This grade A meme has been used as a way to illustrate different forms of unfaithfulness. Since its discovery, the Distracted Boyfriend meme has inspired various spin-offs and thus received critical acclaim across media as it attempted to explain what a meme is to normies.


Precise in its message as legendary memes can only deliver, Distracted Boyfriend depicts what distraction can do to one’s mind. This meme can be depicted as a representation of temporary loss of focus or when focus is fleeting as real desires are just in reach. Use this meme template and make the next viral version of Distracted Boyfriend.

Why Meme.com loves Distracted Boyfriend

While we don’t always follow the trendiest things, this is a meme we just can’t ignore. Distracted Boyfriend placed second by a LONG shot in our community vote for choosing the Genesis Token Markets. An underdog to many, Distracted Boyfriend showed how much of a powerhouse it can actually be in the Meme Markets.

When diving deeper into the meme, our love for the simplicity of Distracted Boyfriend grew. All one has to do is investigate its popularity on sites such as Know Your Meme. The numbers of views is staggering as it is on pace to catch legendary memes such as Hide The Pain Harold and has already seen more viewers over Wojak, one of cryptos favorite memes.

With the normies rolling into crypto at staggering pace and its popularity not slowing down, can Distracted Boyfriend become a market leader in our Meme Markets?

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