Do not be confused with the early memes of “Kek” which began representing LOL in gaming communities years prior. The Genesis Kek meme is a representation of the Egyptian god Kek, an androgynous god of chaos who was always depicted as a frog headed man or a snake headed woman.

Kek first began circulating in 2015 after a message board user submitted a post about the Egyptian deity on a history 4chan board. For years, message boards have been salivating over other frog memes, most notably Pepe the Frog. WIth Kek being newly introduced, there was an instant connection between the ancient and the present versions of the two frog memes.

In Kek meme circles, Pepe is considered a modern day symbol of the deity Kek who uses ancient meme enchantment to change the world through message board posts where rehashing numbers may arise. During 2016, Kek was frequently used by Donald Tump supporters during his presidential campaign and there were many beliefs that Kek was channeling energy and messages to the present day.

The rise of Kek‘s popularity grew and birthed the Cult of Kek, otherwise known as the Church of Kek. It is essentially a modern day meme based religion. It’s based around the Egyptian god Kek and displays of being good and righteous, interesting as the Egyptian deity was a God of disorder.

The growth has even led to Kekistan, a fictional country invented by message board users known as “Kekistanis” who worship the ancient Egyptian deity Kek with memes. 


Kek memes bring a message of confidence through mysticism and righteousness. The Kek meme can be created and used when you are trying to get a message through but want some mystery behind it.

While there is some confusion behind the use of Kek as a positive symbol, some question its true meaning as it has a direct relationship to a god of darkness. Is Kek evil reborn? Has this Egyptian god come back to channel good into this world? Is this just a fun meme with a charismatic frog and an interesting Egyptian lore?

Why loves Kek

Ancient Egyptian deities crossed with frog caricatures… yes please! During the evolution of memes there has been a steady stream of frogs as subject matters; Kek, Pepe, Dat Boi and Kermit have kept us engaged and informed with memes for years. Our unbiased love for memes has us wondering how we can begin channeling Kek to influence the world to meme more!

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