The mPEPE Launch Party

It’s time! The launch of mPEPE is upon us.

To make sure everyone can come along for the ride, there will be an initial contribution period where all who contribute will get mPEPE for the same price.

To participate, send $MEM to this address, on either Ethereum or Polygon: 0x324BA8d00230fB0421c31b7D494120F3D55f246D

Max contribution is 1000$MEM. Period ends August 22nd at 23.59UTC. The MEM goes to the mPEPE bonding curve as liquidity.

Owning mPEPE gives you ownership in the Pepe Club, the finest of meme clubs. Dedicated to promote the Pepe meme.

The club decides which meme art and remixes are worthy of continuing the story arch in the form of NFTs. In return, contributors obtain ownership of the NFTs approved and created.

Good luck! 🐸