Redefining Meme Art with Pepelangelo

We are ecstatic to announce “Pepe with a Pearl Earring”, an iconic piece of art created by Pepelangelo. This is the first piece of Genesis Meme Art for, governed by the mPEPE holders. To stack mPEPE, follow this guide!

But first let’s give you some background on the journey of this captivating meme artist from St. Petersburg, Russia.

Artist Spotlight

The renowned Pepe artist Olga Vishnevsky has crept into the crypto art scene without an ounce of acclaim. It will only be a matter of time as she has already slowly built a following through Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy.

Starting with a blank canvas, Vishnevsky uses her meticulous process by hand using oil paints while attentive to the finest of details of her brush strokes. Although very time consuming, her passion of painting has grown with every Pepe she has created.

Affectionately known as Pepelangelo, Vishnevsky has skillfully curated the Pepe the Frog meme to prominence through her elegant Meme Art. We would like to speculate that maybe she’s channeling energy from Kek to further grow the meme power and the reach of Pepe.

Over the past four years, Vishnevsky has been creating fine oil paintings of Pepe the Frog, whilst showcasing it as the finest of Meme Art. In an article from Russia Beyond, Vishnevsky stated that she didn’t plan to make money off painting Pepe: ‘It was just my thing I was doing to cheer myself up a little… maybe giving them as a New Year present to my relatives or selling some to friends of friends, but for a nominal price.” Soon after her Etsy Pepe shop began gaining extensive traction.

Several months ago Vishnevsky began experimenting with blockchain and selling her creations as NFTs. She has begun cautiously while feeling out the NFT space with just a sprinkle of her selections as the first tokenized real Pepelangelo paintings.

Although she has yet to gain proper accolades across the crypto art community, we hope to see the unveiling of new NFTs grow her popularity to new heights. Crypto is ready for more Pepelangelo!

Why we love Pepelangelo the Meme Artist

Our attention has been on Vishnevsky since she dropped a few tokenized versions of art from her collection on the blockchain six months ago.

We are not only meme explorers here at but fine art connoisseurs. As a driving force of meme culture, Pepe is embedded deep in our hearts and souls. The art being created by Pepelangelo embodies the culture we look to harness whilst propagating Meme Markets with Meme Art.

Already at the cusp of avant-garde, her NFT offerings have solidified her as one to watch. As we ponder about the creation of Pepe… perhaps the real miracle is the creation of Pepelangelo.

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