mPepe Art Contest

We may have found the fine oil painting queen of Pepe, but the mPEPE market will include so much more! Countless art pieces and remixes will cover its walls, many of which we hope will be created by this amazing community.

To celebrate the unveiling of Pepe Art #1; Pepe with a Pearl Earring, we want you to get your creative juices flowing in a challenge to create another fine piece of memetic Pepe Art history.

This does not have to be made with oil paint or on a canvas, but simply use your computer or any method preferred to embrace your meme artist within.

mPEPE Meme Art:

  • Square image for that luxurious feeling 🟩
  • Desirable, Fancy and Dank.

🏆 Prizes:

1st: 500$ + your piece forever engraved with the #ID of one of the first nine mPEPE pieces

2nd/3rd: 250$

Submission link:

Deadline is September 8th. As always the winners are decided by the community. Remaining pieces can of course be minted once launches.