The Reflexer.Finance Arena

In the Marble.Cards Arena, people battle with things they find on the Internet.

We are happy to announce that for 2 weeks, Reflexer.Finance will sponsor the Arena with $2,000 $RAI. This will go to the owners of the winning cards.

How to play

First you need a Marble card! If you don’t have one, here is a good guide.

The Arena uses a hot or not gameplay, where people vote on which cards they like best. Both voters, and owners of the winning cards are automatically rewarded with $MEM for their efforts.

If you don’t know what to marble, we want to recommend this following strategy:

Reflexer Memes

There are a lot of memes in this Reflexer.Finance meme repo.

Using one of them, or a remix, which is then uploaded to with a snappy title could be a good strategy.

The Reflexer Arena starts September 6th, which should give people time to marble some great cards. Once the 2 weeks are over, rewards will be sent out!

For more info we recommend joining our discord.