Bookmarking the Web with NFTs

As an avid NFT creator from the “OG” days of 2018, I have had my pulse on the NFT ecosystem for a long time now. Digging, researching, exploring, evaluating, speculating… like many of you know, the grind is real. For the well researched, if you are fortunate, you will find a project that gives you one of those eureka moments and hits you upside the head with its uniqueness.

MarbleCards gave me this revelation early on as a community member and still to this day as a team member. In the days of pure hype and very little substance in NFTs… this project twists up the game.

It’s not all about the beauty of these NFTs, there are many underlying reasons people marble and bookmark URLs across the web. Let’s marvel at some of the beauty of Marble cards below before we move on.

Some of the top performers in the “#NiceCards” MarbleCards Arena:

Bookmarking and Collecting URLs

We come across links on our socials with meta-data daily which direct us to informative URLs across the web. Nobody has ever owned that meta-data, with MarbleCards you are hosting those URLs and simply framing the data with a unique, randomized marble NFT frame.

The idea is simply impeccable. Bookmarking a URL of something important to you and retaining a visual representation via an NFT. In addition, it can also be used to advertise a project, website or idea while promoting the content featured on the Marble card.

In due time, the MarbleCards platform will be unveiling Verified Creator. This will allow content creators to verify their work and receive proceeds on all sales of that Marble card. An ideal vehicle to advertise and promote anything in a sharp, tradable package.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” –Mark Twain

I’m really intrigued to see how the Marble Community reaches out to content creators across the web. I see a golden opportunity to help those unfamiliar with NFTs in monetizing their creations while have a unique piece of advertising material on a Marble card. With the space being in its early days, imagine how this can help grow the NFT awareness.

Play2earn with MarbleCards

Everyone likes to collect things they love! But outside of bookmarking the web, MarbleCards focus is a gamified p2e popularity swipe game called the Arena. It works great on mobile too!

In the Arena you can earn a couple of different ways. Earn $MEM (the platforms native token) for voting and earn $MEM for any submitted cards in the Arena that perform well. There is even an ongoing ranking system of popularity for each Arena so you can see what is trending.

If you want to dive in extra deep, there is a free MarbleClash game created by a core community member. Here you can create a deck and battle your cards vs another player.

The same community member created a MarbleCards lexicon with a host of data and statistics to absorb about MarbleCards. The lexicon shows us that nearly 10000 MarbleCard NFTs have been created in September already! Check it out at

In Summary

MarbleCards has over 140,000 NFTs already with no signs of slowing down. The growth of the active Discord community is what we are most excited about though. I assume that many have experienced this same eureka moment I had when first discovering the project!

The response we have had whilst expanding upon Marble.Cards with the introduction of the recent core layer of the platform shows us we are on the right track. The interweaving of the two game layers is just at the beginning and although the spotlight has not yet shined on directly on us, the time is nigh.

Bookmark the web at

The Meme Markets are open at


Imagine if Wikipedia and Dogecoin had a baby. That would be peculiar… On, it is possible to create markets and collectibles around any trend. Anyone can get exposure to things they believe in. Some contribute amazing content, while others provide sponsorship. 

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