Guess the Memes

Our last meme expedition to collect the finest of meme content across the wide seas of the internet was quite the success. But now our friendly sir is in trouble after a storm caused all the collected memes to be scrambled together.

Please help! We are calling all Meme Explorers up to the challenge to assemble and identify the mixed-up memes. We will reward those who can help our friendly sir with Memecoin treasure.

Can you become the top Meme Explorer and win the treasure?

We have provided eight pictures of the scrambled memes and one Frankenmeme picture made up of 13 memes! Try to identify as many mixed up memes as you can to win some amazing prizes.
Prizes will be raffled to Meme Explorers who correctly identify the first 8 memes. The grand prize of a Marble Card šŸ’Ž will be awarded to the individual with the most correct answers in the Frankenmeme picture puzzle. (ties will be raffled as well)

Will you feel like a Sir or Madame with a piece of the Memecoin treasure?

Answers need to be submitted using this form by Friday 23:59 UTC

Frankenmeme Picture Puzzle

We’ll announce the winner early next week.

Hope you like it!


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