Hide The Pain Harold

A Meme.com first!

For the Initial mHarold Offering, the Meme.com treasury will buy and reserve 5% of the sale, which can only be claimed by András Arató, the real “Harold”!

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About Hide the Pain Harold

András Arató, a retired Hungarian electrical engineer, one day decides to model as a senior for a stock photography company without the slightest idea how significantly it was going to impact his life. His facial expression, that appears to indicate slight discomfort, has sparked enough attention on the internet to result in the one of the most famous memes of all time.

The first known appearance on forums as shared Shutterstock images appeared in September 2011 and can still be found in the archived threads of the Facepunch forum. The original “Hide the Pain Harold” post in Sep 2014 on a 4chan thread quickly gathered over 880k views in just 3 weeks. The rest is history.

Its amazing how these Shutterstock images were to make Arató internet famous!

In September 2018, Arato also hosted a Tedx Talk in Ukraine. During his talk, Arato discusses the story of his early life and and his life as a “meme-hero”.

The message behind “Hide the Pain Harold”

Are you attempting to hide your feelings without conviction? This meme legend is for you. When something is bothering you and you try to put a fake smile on it… find a Harold template and remix a meme.

Why Meme.com loves “Hide The Pain Harold

Memes are often about expressing emotions through visual content. The antithesis of an expected emotion is where Hide the Pain Harold becomes instantly “memey”. In a day where cartoons and drawings are dominating the meme scene, Harold is indeed refreshing while breaking the mold of trends… and smiles.

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