Initial mHarold Offering

We present to you the Initial mHarold Offering!

What meme lover would miss a chance to contribute and have ownership in a token dedicated to the internet’s most loving smile?

Contributing to the Initial mHAROLD Offering will give all who contribute the same amount of mHAROLD per $MEM.

To participate, send $MEM to the following address, on either Ethereum or Polygon: 0x324BA8d00230fB0421c31b7D494120F3D55f246D

Max contribution is 1000 $MEM and runs until September 17th at 12UTC. The $MEM collected goes to the mHAROLD bonding curve as liquidity.

But what are the benefits to holding mHAROLD?

* ownership in the mHAROLD Meme, the entity dedicated to Hide the Pain Harold on
* chance to get art drops for free
* sales and resales royalties from all Hide the Pain Harold Art and NFTs
* governance rights for mHAROLD

The treasury will buy and reserve 10% of the sale, which can only be claimed by András Arató, the real “Harold”!

Learn more about the Hide the Pain Harold meme and András Arató in our new blog HERE!

The 48 hour Initial mHarold Offering is live now! Hope to have you smiling with us and with mHAROLD!