Channeling the Happiness of EM! into Meme Art

Channeling the Happiness of EM! into Meme Art

The waves of happiness have split as EM! (ee-em-ai) has emerged with her amazing Distracted Boyfriend Meme Art creation, Decentralized Boyfriend!

From this point moving forward we declare the Distracted Boyfriend Meme Token to be sprinkled with happiness while embedding EM!‘s vibrant style. This is the second unveiled piece of Genesis Meme Art for and it will be governed by the mDISTRACTEDBF holders. To get a stake in the Meme Token mDISTRACTEDBF, follow this guide!

Before you dive into the Meme Tokens you should know a bit more about the gifted artist EM! out of Melbourne, Australia.

Artist Spotlight

Artist EM! has been publicly displaying her art since 2015 across the traditional art scene. Combining elements of photography, collage and motion into superb digital modern art. Currently living and working in Melbourne, Australia she has had exhibits around the world including Australia, Canada, and Japan.

This Psychedelic Pop Fantasy artist brings her happiness into digital modern art in style. Take a few moments and observe EM!‘s work. An explosion of organized chaos in color! Soaking it all in just feels good man… everything from dinosaurs and UFOs to bunnies and bicycles.

With talent and style that are a natural fit for the NFT space, EM! gloriously dropped into the space with her first NFT art piece “Pink Flamingo; A Guardian of the Labyrinth Garden” on Rarible in January 2021. Collectors have been eagerly watching for her next drops ever since.

Why we love EM! the Artist

Color, playful and positive energy percolate from every piece of artwork EM! has dropped on the NFT world. While the last few decades of Surrealism tend to be dark and apocalyptic, EM! is steering the style into something much more refreshing. The world needs more happiness! Crypto needs more happiness! Thank you EM!, more please!

The sample above is of some still images… these do her NFTs no justice. EM!‘s art is lush with moving parts and colors as seen on the upper sampling. Visit her links below to see more.

EM! Socials Twitter | Instagram | Website

Find EM! Art on OpenSea | KnownOrigin | Foundation | AsyncArt | Rarible

Visit the third floor of the Marble Tower Art Gallery to marvel at one of EM!‘s wondrous works in the Cryptovoxels metaverse: HERE

The Meme Markets are open at

Trade the “Distracted Boyfriend” Meme Token mDISTRACTEDBFHERE

Explore “Distracted Boyfriend” MarbleCards: HERE


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