A Brief History of Time; Creation of a Community

Growing from several dozen players at our launch event to over 6000 MarbleCard holders today, the growth of our community has been enjoyable to watch. The journey to this point sometimes feels like only months, we often wonder how exactly we arrived here.

Through the later months of 2018, the MarbleCard team began by dropping teasers for what was to come from its upcoming platform launch. The Discord community slowly began trickling in through posts through crypto social groups and the emerging platform Cent. The community began to grow with anticipation as many were just learning about NFTs.

MarbleCards Genesis Day (January 19th, 2019) was a beautiful day for Ethereum gamers and NFT collectors. The community gathered with anticipation as the countdown commenced to the first collection launch: Know Your Meme. Origins were created… much wow origins… but the community that grew around the platform was the hidden, unexpected gem.

With three years of history, the community here feels like its own little nation-state. A welcoming, tight knit group of folks who are excited of where we have been and where we are going. You can tell a lot about an NFT project by it’s community… we are stoked at what we have seen.

Of course, Marble card creators love to display the beauty of their NFTs across socials and we couldn’t be more thankful. We have seen a stream of content around memes and cards that have been created by users… all for the love of marbling and memeing.

Through community discussions we have seen concepts birthed, explored and brought to light. We have seen community members create websites, apps, art and awards… too much to declare in one article.

The community discussions in Discord have been welcoming as all things meme exploring and marble creating are discussed. Its marvelous to watch new members roll into the Discord over the years… however long they stay… they all seem to get a taste of the FOMO. Its the community.

Now that we have added the core layer Meme.com to our platform, we are excited to see the evolution of the Meme.com community in the years ahead. 

Moving ahead we aim to shed some light on specific community members with a spotlight article on those who have helped to shape the platform. There are some amazing stories to be told. Little by little, you can learn more about the history of our community to understand why we are so excited about the future.

Who’s first?

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