To be a Meme Explorer is to always be on the lookout for interesting things on the Internet. When something catches your eye, you can use to contribute to a trend or grow the hype around a meme you find worthy.

As you venture out into the vast terrain of the web, you will build up a reputation around the quality of your contributions to different memes. The more you contribute, the more value you accrue.

While there is no guide to all the peculiar trends and memes you might discover on your journey, we have tried our best to draw a map of the future we plan for Much wow!

Our vision of is to create a captivating experience where explorers contribute to a platform that makes it possible to measure the value of memes. The protocol is designed to also be lucrative for the best meme connoisseurs and trend masters.

Let’s break down the roadmap, milestone by milestone:

1. The DAO

The DAO decides and executes on ideas raised by the larger community for protocol updates and changes to It is composed of the Meme Council and the General Council and proposals can be made by community members.

2. Verified NFT’s

Verified is a way for fans to engage with creators in a new way. It enables fans to “capture” parts of a creator’s Internet presence and stories which can be used to play with it in different ways. It will first be available for Marble cards and then rolled out to all NFTs. It is also the first step in enabling royalties. More info about this soon, very soon™.  

3. Loot System Launch

Meme art is the most valuable asset class of It is created when a meme performs remarkably well and passes certain data thresholds. Meme Art is then “unlocked” (either by an artist or sourced from the community) and rewarded to contributors (mToken holders). All in all, it is very, very rare. The already existing $MEM reward system from Marble cards will run in parallel.

4. The Pioneers

The ranking of a meme is contingent on the content people have submitted. In the Pioneers release, all Marble cards data together with Arena data will automatically be submitted to This step is part of a larger plan to further weave the Marble card assets with their associated trending topics into the Meme Markets.

5. The Trend Game Begins

At this stage, it will be possible to directly contribute content to for the first time! The focus is submissions of URLs, which then begins indexing for both onchain (NFT volume and numbers) and offchain (social media/page rank) data. The better the data, the more powerful the meme becomes.

6. Meme Quests

With the help of all Meme Explorers, the capabilities of different memes level up. As they do, they unlock new abilities such as membership tokens, Meme Art, Discord channels and treasuries to expedite further growth and collaboration.

7. Massive Multiplayer Memeverse

As a proper Quest and Reward structure is built out, more advanced functionality becomes possible. You will be able to level up your player profile and join different Meme Factions, participate in expeditions and see who has the best gear. 

Stay tuned

We hope you are as excited as we are about this roadmap! As always, we want to know what you think so please get in touch. The best way to talk to us and the amazing community is to join our Discord here.