The DAO: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

The journey has been long thus far, yet we feel we are still just getting started at

During the summer of 2018, as the MarbleCards project began its building process, the team internal talk was often focused on providing substance and continued growth to its future community.

We see a bright future ahead for, and we hope you agree after seeing our roadmap. Growth is in the works, firstly by creating a DAO structure, this is the most important step a project can take to become more transparent.

We would love to begin by introducing the framework of The DAO and lend a helping hand in guiding it while we prepare in passing control over to you, our beloved community. This is a work in progress as we navigate the future of together.

Firstly, we would like to officially announce Eric Arsenault (@eric_rsno) has been brought aboard as a Special Governance Advisor to The DAO. His experience is unrivaled in blockchain governance and he has been great help in advising us on the framework and future directions that are possible with governance here. Occasionally, he will be in our Discord, feel free to welcome him aboard!

The Structure

Are you interested in governance or the future of the project? Make your voice heard and join us on Discourse where governance chat happens! The DAO Discourse opened to The Meme Council last week.

While the DAO is made up of the entire community, The Meme Council is made up of a group of active and veteran community members from over the three years of the platforms history. The General Council includes everyone from the community who makes their voice heard on Discourse. Simply add proposals and The Meme Council will curate and discuss what should be brought to vote for everyone on Snapshot to vote on.

While proposals can be made for any subject, some smaller items such as arenas and collections will be voted on in Discord via the newly added #vote channel.

The Meme Council will be open to adding new members over time as the governance protocol grows. The goal of The Meme Council is aligned with the community thus they will always be evaluating active community members who may be strong additions to help grow the DAO at an elevated level.

The Treasury

The Meme Council will hold the power of the purse, dispersing treasury funds as needed through the collective. Initially funds will be kept in a team multisig wallet, but directed by The Meme Council. Eventually, a Gnosis Safe wallet will be added and the council will have direct use of the The Meme Treasury via their own multisig wallet.

The team will provide $100,000 in crypto assets to seed The Meme Treasury. While these funds are expected to last many months, a system will be built in future development to automatically distribute a portion of on-chain revenue to The Meme Treasury.


Many proposals for what is possible will arise as governance is implemented in the protocol. We intend to only guide the process as the DAO journey begins, with intentions of full governance control to be from the community in the future.

You are cordially invited to have your voice heard and your opinions shared as the platform grows with your guidance. Join us… the future is now!

The DAO quick links: Discourse | Snapshot

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