Augmenting Eyeballs in the Meme Art Revolution with Alotta Money

The consistent, steady release of mesmerizing and coercively captivating NFTs dropped by Alotta Money has been a pleasure to witness in the blockchain space. Amusing mayhem and madness occasionally wrapped in a statement of revolution.

Sometimes visuals that shock the brain into absorbing knowledge before allowing one to begin thinking differently. Sometimes it’s just plain fun and madness… either way, Alotta is a master at this.

Today he’s done it again. Kindly slapping a classic meme right in the face with seemingly a euphoric handful of LSD, Alotta Money‘s newest artwork “All Is Fine” just leveled up the Meme Art world again.

An iconic day for This Is Fine connoisseurs with Alotta Money bringing the fire… literally. This is the third piece of Genesis Meme Art unveiled for and it will be used as some of the most rare loot in the ecosystem. To become a member of mTHISISFINE, follow this guide!

Artist Spotlight

You’ve heard his name. Alotta Money. You’ve seen his art. Alotta Money. You’ve dreamed his dreams. Alotta Money.

Based in France, Alotta Money has been creating and drawing since his days as a youth which then translated to digital arts on his Commodore64 when he was just 11. His journey as an artist was just beginning.

Fast forward to the end of 2018 when he was creating Twitter Headers and building out a Cryptovoxels space to showcase his work. With the booming growth of NFTs coinciding with his artistic skills he fine tuned over the decades, it translated perfectly to showcase his talent at a greater level.

This crypto artist has a strong connection to the Cryptovoxels metaverse as an architect where he has built several spaces for clients… to truly get a grasp you must see his not so secret, “Secret Lair“.

Now, as one of the veterans leading the revolutionary blockchain art space, his passion for a different world with changes in the power structure resonate. Ideas expressed in memes and in art translate easily and resonate across our world, it’s always refreshing to see visuals to open minds to new thoughts.

As Alotta Money stated in an interview with NFT Origin Stories early this year, “We are living in a meme revolution”.

Why we love Alotta Money the Artist

The art dropped by Alotta Money is not just a pretty face, in that its not just captivating to gazing eyes. There is well understood meaning and depth in the art he brings to collectors across throughout the space. Recently, we dropped an article stating that “With great power comes great responsibility”, and this memey quote can sum up the essence of what we see in Alotta Money’s work.

Fascinating audiences through content that is jarring and concise. Speaking courageously through the blockchain, his NFTs are one of few leading the “Meme Revolution”.

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