“Pepe with Pearl Earring” by Pepelangelo. Genesis art piece for mPEPE.

Ladies and gents, we are proud to announce a destination for all things meme art. The Meme.com Gallery launches soon!

The Meme.com Gallery is an homage to memes. It’s where the most fantastic interpretations and remixes can be enjoyed by meme connoisseurs across the metaverse. Art pieces exhibited in the Gallery will be owned by meme explorers, rewarded for their contributions to a meme or trend

The Genesis Collection

The first seven art pieces form the exclusive Genesis collection. These masterpieces portray some of the most popular memes of all time. Each Genesis art piece has a total of 33 editions.

“All is Fine” by Alotta Money. Genesis art piece for mTHISISFINE.

The Origin Collection

Following the Genesis release are 33 art pieces called the Origin. These will also have a total of 33 editions.

Candidates for Origin art can be submitted by anyone based on any meme or trend. The Meme.com community will vote for them to become a part of the Gallery or not. Since the Origin collection is very limited, it’s a great honor to have a piece featured there. This is decided by the Meme.com DAO. All successful creators will be rewarded with the first three editions, and 10% perpetual royalties on all editions.

Be sure to join our Discord to join other explorers in the hunt for the next Origin art piece, or perhaps you want to submit one yourself? To submit your piece, DM it to @memeexplorers on Twitter.

Seasonal gameplay

Once all the Genesis and Origins are created, Season 1 begins! During seasonal gameplay, only the most popular memes and trends will be given the honor of meme art commemoration. The more support a meme or trend receives during gameplay, the more artwork slots will open up for it.

Acquiring Meme Art

Meme art is earned by contributing to memes and supporting them on Meme.com. Over time, there will be many ways to contribute. For now, the best way to get prepared is to purchase membership tokens. Join our Discord and stay tuned for more information on how to grab meme art masterpieces!

About Meme.com

The vision at meme.com is to create a captivating experience while users curate content that contribute in measuring the value of memes. The protocol is designed to support content creators while also being lucrative for the best meme connoisseurs and trend masters.

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