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Doge, we only have love for you.

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About Doge

Kabosu is the female Shiba Inu whom is featured in the image that spawned the original meme. The meme began to grow in popularity after it was found on the owners Tumblr blog and used by a Reddit user in October 2010 in a post with the classy title “LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE.”

The intentional misspelling along with the now iconic image became fire in a bottle and the lore of the Doge meme began.

Doge the meme spawned the Dogecoin cryptocurrency which launched 3 years later… using the Shiba Inu as its ambassador while hijacking the popularity of the freshest meme in the market.

The Meme was one of the first large purchases that hit the NFT space for sale with a purchased by @pleaserDAO in June 2021 for $4 million dollars.

The message behind Doge

Often when something amazing, cool, chill, is happening and you would like to deliver the message with a meme Doge is perfect. Using two-word phrases without following proper English grammatical rules, the first word is generally one of five modifiers (“many”, “much”, “so”, “such”, “wow”).

Why loves Doge

The Standard. What is life in crypto without this lovable pup and the adorning fans posting memes of “Dogecoin to the moon”. The Doge meme has not only spawned dog lovers favorite cryptocurrency, but was a major pillar in creating the meme culture around crypto while having a heavy hand in its growth.

Doge, thank you. Much wow, such bowwow.

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