Creators — Get Verified!

We’re excited to share a new way for creators and artists to benefit and get involved in Marble (and soon Let us introduce Verified Creators.

– autograph Marble cards to enhance their powers

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An epic card signed by artist Skeenee. It’s #7 in his collection

As a verified creator, you can enhance a Marble card by adding your autograph. Getting a card autographed is a kind of “blessing” from the person who created the content that a Marble card links to. Any card owner can reach out to a creator who is verified on Marble.Cards and ask for a signature, which will permanently enhance the card in the following ways:
– The card gets an edition number in the verified creator’s collection
– An autograph from the creator is added to the card
– A badge is added to the card’s properties
– The card gets access to new gameplay

And this is just the start. Later, there will be more enhancements, such as chances of getting visual upgrades and other rare attributes. Note that adding an autograph to a card is just a symbolic gesture and no IP rights are changed.

How to get a card autographed

Card owners can ask to get a card autographed by placing a bid to the creator behind the content of a marbled URL. Requests can only be sent to verified creators that can be selected from a list on the verification page. If a creator is not yet verified, card collectors can advise them to sign up here.

Content creators are always in control of what gets autographed. They can choose to accept all bids or only a selected few to keep their autographed cards exclusive.

Whenever an autographed card perform well in games such as the Marble Arena, both the card owner and the verified creator will get rewarded.

To autograph a card, look for the verified creator of the card URL in this list

A new way to engage with fans

We see Verified Creators as an excellent way for artists and creators to engage with fans. It enables fans to “collect” parts of a creator’s Internet presence. With Verified, creators can encourage fans to marble and collect their online art, music, videos, social media or blog posts.

For Marble card collectors, Verified Creators is a way to enhance cards and to show off their authenticity by getting the content creator’s blessing. As with all Marble cards, the NFT is a frame to a web link and the collector claims no rights whatsoever to the content that the card links to.

The story so far

We have already seen a lot of creators use Marble cards to promote their art, and we hope the new Verified feature will make this even more useful. Here are a few early pieces we would like to highlight:

Bird On Gold by Skeenee. Used as a community reward, for being active and engaged on his social platforms. This card later went on to win prizes as a top Marble card in the Arena
ZERO by Matt Kane. Sold for 19.2 ETH
A card that frames a GIF by Digital. Used as a reward
for collecting $HUE
The Glimpse Edition by Sparrow, hidden in the normal marbling pool which was then discovered and sold

Become a Verified Creator

To be able to boost cards, creators should register as a Verified on Marble.Cards. All you have to do is sign up here to get on the list. Creators will be onboarded in batches, so make sure to get involved early! Being a Verified Creator means you agree to act truthfully and that you will only autograph web content that you have created or helped create.

Today, more than 220,000 Marble cards have been created and our community is growing fast. We’d love to get more input from creators, so if you have ideas about how to use verified cards to promote your art or create perks for your fans, please let us know!