The Seven Genesis Meme Art – How To Get One


Seven amazing artists have created the exclusive genesis meme art pieces. This post describes the pieces and how you can be a part of the start of this memetic journey.

A meme is any story that spreads. With the emergence of NFTs and tokens, people can now create and share value around these stories. A real meme economy!

The meme economy. It’s both wonderful and chaotic at the same time.

At, we are experimenting with how to capture some of these stories in ways that are fun, accessible and with lasting value.

It is a place where people who are interested in memes come together to enjoy the latest trends and work together to promote the best ones.

One important part of this is meme art. A piece of meme art on is super rare. It can only be created when a meme or trend is popular enough. Once created, the meme art pieces are distributed to the contributors.

This functionality is currently under development, and will be experimented with in what we call the ‘Genesis’.

The Seven Genesis

The ‘Genesis’ consists of the first 7 meme artworks. Featured below;

Alotta Money

“All is fine”




“Pepe With a Pearl Earring”




“Hide the Trip Harold”

Rare Designer

“Cyborg Wojak”

Initial Distribution

Each piece has 21 editions. They will be distributed in the following ways:

To the Artist: 2
To keep or sell. The artist also receives 10% on all resales of the art piece.

Top mToken holders: 5

The snapshot was taken the 2021-12-15 at 13:00:00. To allow for a larger distribution, the maximum is three pieces per wallet for top holders. The list of winners will be published shortly along with how they were randomly selected. A video of the selection will also be published.

Random mToken holders: 4
All holders with a value over 500MEM get a ticket. Max 5 pieces per wallet for both top and random.

Quests: 5
Puzzles and competitions will be held in our discord.

Marketing: 2
Marketing activities to promote the collection.

Auction: 3
Once all pieces are distributed, the last one is put up for auction.

How to earn Meme art

Right after Christmas, the first quests and puzzles to earn these masterpieces will be launched. There are 35 Meme Art NFTs that will be given out this way over a few weeks, so stay tuned! Once all genesis pieces are out, the next phase, the ‘Origin’ begins. Some Origin pieces can be seen below together with the seven genesis pieces.

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