Initial Genesis Meme Art Distribution

The Genesis meme art is a core component of the ecosystem. It is a powerful group of artifacts that will continuously generate benefits on the platform for its owners.

There are different ways in the initial distribution to acquire them, both for mToken holders and non mToken holders. All info can be found in this post.

The rest of this post is focused on the distribution that will go to mToken holders.


Meme Art Grant

– If you did not win

To increase distribution to active members, the Meme Council have decided by vote to create a grant for any wallet that had enough mTokens but did not win, see this spreadsheet for list of wallets.

The grant is open 48h after publication of this blogpost. If your address is in the list above, post your address in the meme-art-grant channel.

The winners


0x37d27c00ff4d9b7f5dddf877cc14e7f919a6490dPepe art
0xda81a57188006feac8711b046b28a79ea202e999Pepe art
0xb6aa2932e1aa279f5da11c4450683bad037f2486Pepe art
0xcfb586d08633fc36953be8083b63a7d96d50265bPepe art
0x0a2d8379ec0d01f3e4ff7ecc06292e1497113c43Pepe art
0x5a256de3021ba48b8aaf3fb279c80d15a32f79d9Pepe art
0x3b2534b8ea1f9a8bf9d9915b91bae673d161f2a5Pepe art
0x34c1116678b62fd7ca548eea729d60ab1a566b39Pepe art
0x92a96518407397766500a0ca25626a5715397d3bPepe art


0x55838deb3b5eb834138470ad999213d7c47e5369Doge art
0x2f55381f513b93eb2f91e778610878ba0e958b12Doge art
0x52af787439a82f36d6ef6b0da0f0e5ecce29ff90Doge art
0xf3255bb52b31e917d5cd3c39abb4c96cbcc70cdbDoge art
0x5a256de3021ba48b8aaf3fb279c80d15a32f79d9Doge art
0x2a3f7e5170ea8ca967f85f091ef84591f639e031Doge art
0xfbc33a1e2e6927c9aa4fcb0ab558a1337b16cd0aDoge art
0x0a2d8379ec0d01f3e4ff7ecc06292e1497113c43Doge art
0x92a96518407397766500a0ca25626a5715397d3bDoge art


0xfbc33a1e2e6927c9aa4fcb0ab558a1337b16cd0aWojak art
0x4e6201f8036f013655394f58b146c537accc4728Wojak art
0x03072273f14392d147899f6faebe4bd0ebfa21f6Wojak art
0x721931508df2764fd4f70c53da646cb8aed16aceWojak art
0x34c1116678b62fd7ca548eea729d60ab1a566b39Wojak art


0x3b2534b8ea1f9a8bf9d9915b91bae673d161f2a5Harold art
0x471f2b55035a9cfdec727fd1f1838af600234b16Harold art
0x0e20f1b901b56c8ac091111ed4ed4f8ba65432a4Harold art
0x2a3f7e5170ea8ca967f85f091ef84591f639e031Harold art
0x0a2d8379ec0d01f3e4ff7ecc06292e1497113c43Harold art
0x5a256de3021ba48b8aaf3fb279c80d15a32f79d9Harold art
0x254040a62e478067de2c8d57a04577486cb5aed1Harold art

Distracted Boyfriend

0x5a256de3021ba48b8aaf3fb279c80d15a32f79d9DistrBF art
0xb53482210a2943b964bcec338e51b680c0261118DistrBF art
0x52af787439a82f36d6ef6b0da0f0e5ecce29ff90DistrBF art
0x848f11e9c468be9ef6bf5f1daa742e6adf25d7a7DistrBF art
0x721931508df2764fd4f70c53da646cb8aed16aceDistrBF art
0xc74262f15148994c08d24279033fe1eb1de5d500DistrBF art
0x4e6201f8036f013655394f58b146c537accc4728DistrBF art

This is fine

0x92a96518407397766500a0ca25626a5715397d3bThisisfine art
0x0a2d8379ec0d01f3e4ff7ecc06292e1497113c43Thisisfine art
0xb53482210a2943b964bcec338e51b680c0261118Thisisfine art
0x81e5cd19323ce7f6b36c9511fbc98d477a188b13Thisisfine art
0xda81a57188006feac8711b046b28a79ea202e999Thisisfine art
0x9f84440756629b42c57e75033c7b5b77d7679371Thisisfine art
0xfbc33a1e2e6927c9aa4fcb0ab558a1337b16cd0aThisisfine art
0x2f55381f513b93eb2f91e778610878ba0e958b12Thisisfine art
0x4e6201f8036f013655394f58b146c537accc4728Thisisfine art


0x2a3f7e5170ea8ca967f85f091ef84591f639e031Kek art
0x92a96518407397766500a0ca25626a5715397d3bKek art
0xfbc33a1e2e6927c9aa4fcb0ab558a1337b16cd0aKek art
0xda81a57188006feac8711b046b28a79ea202e999Kek art
0x9f84440756629b42c57e75033c7b5b77d7679371Kek art
0xc8cce8cac93a010b02e3b7e4e083b0465b1d36f2Kek art
0x3b2534b8ea1f9a8bf9d9915b91bae673d161f2a5Kek art
0x2f55381f513b93eb2f91e778610878ba0e958b12Kek art
0x3bf03010cb0ff616e2a9806efee4920ff67cb651Kek art

Meme Art Grant givers can trade one piece

As part of the Meme art grant, the Meme Council decided that the wallets that got 4 or more pieces were reduced by one and those were added to the grant.

The users that were reduced by one have the chance to switch pieces with the one given to the grant if they want to have one of the pieces that was sent to the Meme Art Grant.

The trade needs to be completed within 48h after the publication of this blogpost. To trade, reach out to Johan on Discord.

Can trade to Wojak art0x0a2d8379ec0d01f3e4ff7ecc06292e1497113c43
Can trade to Wojak art0x5a256de3021ba48b8aaf3fb279c80d15a32f79d9
Can trade to Wojak art0x92a96518407397766500a0ca25626a5715397d3b
Can trade to Wojak art0x2a3f7e5170ea8ca967f85f091ef84591f639e031
Can trade to DistrBF art0x2f55381f513b93eb2f91e778610878ba0e958b12
Can trade to DistrBF art0xfbc33a1e2e6927c9aa4fcb0ab558a1337b16cd0a
Can trade to Harold art0xda81a57188006feac8711b046b28a79ea202e999
Can trade to Harold art0x4e6201f8036f013655394f58b146c537accc4728

How the winners were selected

To calculate the winners a spreadsheet with all the token holders was created. This is a short description of the spreadsheet and how it was used to generate the winners of meme art.

For a transparent selection process, here are recordings of the process;
Part 1 :
Part 2:

. Steps for getting the winners;

  1. All the mToken owners are taken for each token at the snapshot time, 2021-12-15 at 13:00:00. Minimum value of the mToken per wallet is 500 MEM, any value below is removed.
  2. Top owner gets art based on the order of the mToken with highest market cap and down to the lowest. A top owner can get a maximum of three art pieces.
  3. The Winners of the random pieces are decided; for each mToken the owner gets one “ticket”. Due to not wanting to spend too much time on creating advanced formulas there are some manual steps needed to be taken
    1. Top winners need to be manually removed so they don’t get two pieces of the same art. This means that step one is to add the winners from the other tab and if that person is a winner again then do another random number.
    2. A maximum of 4 winners gets a random piece, however the number is random so two numbers can get to same winner or as described in a) and both cases means that a new number will be generated so a total of four winners gets out
    3. Please note that any changes in the document generates new random numbers, that’s why initially when starting the process for a new mToken the numbers have to be copied and pasted as values to the same place. If it turns out to need more numbers we copy the formula again into the place where it’s needed and redo the work for that new number.  
  4. The Meme Council reviewed the result and decided to increase the distribution to more people to reduce the winners of 5 or 4 pieces by one piece. However the owners have a chance to trade one of the pieces that was given to the grant by giving another piece to the grant. 

The art will be sent out at earliest 48h after the publication, during this 48h users can reach out to admins on our Discord in the support channel to point out if you find any errors. In the rare case there is a major error this can result in a redraw with new wallet winners. In that case a 48h period will be given after the new list of winners have been published.

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