Meme Exploration: A Quest for Doge

To be a meme explorer is to help discover and document the story of memes. It’s time to start exploring!

Introducing the first Quest:

– Document some of the best Doge NFTs in history! Any NFT that has Doge somewhere in the image can be used.

Each explorer that complete the quest is rewarded with an explorer achievement POAP.

The quest, if you choose to accept it:

A Quest for Doge

  1. Find a Doge NFT on OpenSea with a sale over 0.5 ETH. The same link can only be used once and by one person
  2. Retweet this:
  3. Enter submission here:


  1. Each participant will be awarded a Meme Explorer Achievement POAP
  2. An entry to the first Genesis Meme Art raffle
  3. An entry into the mDOGE raffle

Your collected POAPs will represent your progress as a Meme Explorer. Benefits will grow as you complete quests and your achievements increase.

Deadline to complete the Quest is in 72h. Friday the 14th 23.59UTC.

More info about upcoming Genesis art distribution

There are different ways in the initial distribution to acquire Genesis Meme Art, both for mToken holders and non mToken holders. All info can be found in this post.

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