Our Birthday Week, You’re Invited.

Three years!

It’s been astounding to see our beloved community evolve over the years.

To celebrate our birthday week, we have some exciting events lined up with the grandest of prizes available.

Wednesday, January 19th

1900 UTC: Pre-launch voice chat gathering for the Etherscan Collection launch in #meme-chat.

  • Cryptovoxel Wearables giveaway.
  • Raffle tickets awarded for attendance.

2000 UTC: Etherscan.io Collection launch.

  • Two Origin cards awarded.
  • One Genesis Meme Art masterpieces awarded.

Thursday, January 20th

From 1900 UTC – 2100 UTC you can join Discord for audio and Cryptovoxels for the virtual experience with your avatar.

1900 UTC: Pre-party in Cryptovoxels with EclecticMethod VJing. Join the chat in the GrowYourBase discord HERE.

2000 UTC: The formal opening event of the new Meme Arch building in Cryptovoxels hosted by The WIP.

  • Q&A with Jamie Burke from Outlier Ventures.
  • The ARTIFACTS OF MEMETICS: LORD KEK creator ROBNESS discussing memes and art.
  • Jumping course in Cryptovoxels with your avatar.
  • Scavenger hunt across Cryptovoxels.
  • Marble card Edition auction from Stina Jones.
  • Raffle tickets awarded for attendance.
Meme Arch in Cryptovoxels

This Weeks Prizes and Accolades to be Awarded

  • Cryptovoxel Wearables giveaways.
  • Two Origin Cards during the Etherscan Collection launch.
  • One Genesis Meme Art masterpiece during the Etherscan Collection launch.
  • Seven Genesis Meme Art masterpieces at the Meme Arch Cryptovoxels event from raffle tickets accumulated throughout the two day event*.

*Contests events will run between Marble Tower and Meme Arch in Cryptovoxels. There is a secret portal between the two.

**There will also be raffle tickets awarded for a couple of small quests beginning on Tuesday.

Knowledgeable Links

Discord GrowYourBase: HERE

Cryptovoxels Marble Tower: HERE

Cryptovoxels Meme Arch: HERE

Twitter for Meme.com: HERE

Twitter for EclecticMethod: HERE

Twitter for Cryptovoxels: HERE

Twitter for The WIP: HERE

Twitter for ROBNESS: HERE

Twitter for Stina Jones: HERE

Shout out to Ogar for the incredible Cryptovoxels build!

Twitter for Ogar: HERE

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