What is Meme.com

Meme markets, Marble cards and the Memetic multiverse.

In this article:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Meme.com and MEM?
  3. How can you take action and benefit


We love memes and we love NFTs. Back in 2018, we started based on the idea that ‘what if you could measure the value of memes using crypto and gamification’.

We started experimenting and some months later the beta of our first collectible, Marble.Cards launched.

Since then, over 250,000 Marble card NFTs have been created by people, each paying 10$MEM to “curate” a specific web url onchain. In 2021 we raised $6M and started to build the next version of the product on meme.com

What is Meme.com and MEM

The vision of Meme.com is to index all on-chain assets and link them to different memes/trends. Indexing data like value, transfers and collectors and then combine it with how it ties into the memetic story of the Internet. Memecoin (MEM) is the native currency that is used on Meme.com and Marble.Cards both for utility and rewards. Users who own MEM get special benefits on the platform.

Meme.com is a crypto game where users earn powerful meme NFTs and MEM for participating. Users progress by:

  1. Adding links/NFTs/Crypto assets
  2. Voting on entries

The player progresses by participating in the gameplay, and based on the quality of their contributions. As they level up, they can upgrade their meme avatar (VRM). The game makes it possible to document the history and future of memes onchain. The higher your level, the more likely you are to get the best rewards in terms of NFT rarity and MEM amount.

How can I take action and benefit?

If you read this far, thanks for taking the time, you are an early adopter of meme.com.

Want to join the community?

  • Join our Discord here. We have a very active community, highly recommended! We also have frequent competitions and giveaways.

Want to learn more about Memecoin (MEM)

Like free stuff?

  • Limited offer, try Marble.Cards and get five free NFT cards. Join our Discord for details.
  • Get part of our Community Rewards – We are giving out monthly rewards for those in the community that do the best things. More info in our Discord.

Want to be a Meme Expert?