Verified Artist Editions are here!

We’ve had many great card designs made by both the team and artists for special occasions over the years. It could be things like hitting card creation milestones, collaborations or special artist editions that are treasured and loved by the community. They always have a special place in our voting arenas and folks love to see them, well except THAT Spider-Man one, haha. These have always been extra special to all of us and now it’s time for it to evolve. With our successful Verified rollout, artists are now able to earn $MEM while signing cards for their fans and collectors but… we aren’t stopping there!

We are proud to introduce the Verified Edition tier, something that will further enhance the connection between artist and collector, while being able to create something special at the same time. Now, an artist can submit a 1/1 design to be turned into an Edition Marble card. After signing their 33rd card, this design will be molded with the card into the new Edition card.

Yes, Verified Artists will now be able to create original content for their collectors via MarbleCards! Think how cool it will be to submit a signature request and get a shiny signed edition card back.

I think it’s time to roll this out and get some cards signed, what do ya say? Try to nab an edition and be the envy of your friends in the MemeExplorers discord, yes go ahead and sit atop your hill, king. For artists that have already signed more than 33 cards, the next card they sign AFTER the artwork is sent in will be turned into the edition.

ARTISTS once ready to submit, please use this form:

If you need help, please contact PoachyMeets in discord:

The Legendary first Artist Edition cards

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