Community Highlights

As we continue our commitment to supporting a healthy and thriving Meme Explorer experience we thought it’s a good opportunity to go over some of the latest highlights in the community.

The launch of MemeDAO has been a success so far and marks a next step in an on-going efforts both by the team and the community to improve and grow story of a Meme Explorer.

Latest DAO Epoch, in the month of April, has seen community earn over 40k MEM for their efforts and contributions.

Here are few of the hottest ones:

  • First MarbleClash match with the newly developed gaming client between Dehenne and Patzo.

Rumors are Patzo took the victory and left the young and unexperienced Dehenne in tears but yet to be confirmed.

  • Additions to Meme Heads by iArsky.

Meme Heads are continuous effort in community branding by iArsky.

Some say he’s a great DJ as well.

  • Daily hunts on Fusemons continue. 

Fusion Monsters is a Monster Collecting MMO Game and you have a chance to win one of the origin monsters every day in our discord.

  • The social media superstar

As he says for himself, he’s just a kid from Queens tryna make ends meet. 

Amani took upon himself to capitalize on the latest social media formats, TikTok and Youtube Shorts, to try and promote the story of Meme Explorer. 

You can check it out at: 

  • Awesome article by stormblessedj

You can check it out here!

  • Patzo School of Marbling

Patzo has been putting significant effort into welcoming new community members in the best way possible.

For the hottest Marbling tips and tricks, Mr. “I’m not shy” is your man. 

  • Last but not least, Mr. ArchL the king of treasure hunts.

If there’s an event be sure there’s a hunt on memetic treasures as well. 

Be on the lookout for Archie’s hunts, there are always sweet rewards to be won! 🙂

Want to join the community?

  • Join our Discord here. We have a very active community, highly recommended! We also have frequent competitions and giveaways.

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