Artist Highlight: Vector Meldrew

Vector Meldrew is a fascinating artist to say the least… they walked away from the traditional world of professional snobbery and music thieves to create their own form of comedic art commentary, VJ at live events around the world and join a cult while still creating content for those visually hungry but with their distinct style and… one of our beloved verified artists!

Before we dive in, I’d like to thank Vector for joining us and letting our community get a little closer into their world. His art is one of vivid memetic dreams and maybe nightmares if you don’t like fun 🤪

Ser Meldrew… how’s it going?
Very well thank you!

I find it very interesting that your art has a light hearted meme quality to it yet with amazing execution and presentation. Tell us more about the mirror you decided to prop up with your art and why!
I’m glad you recognize this. The mirror serves as a perception device to give glimpses into alternate realities. This dimensions often have aspects of them that give a sense of familiarity, but framed within new contexts or some kind of disruptive angle. The idea being is that this can offer new perspectives and shift perceptions.

From your VJ sets to the recent NG drop, it seems things are going swimmingly for the buggy-eyed jungle bass lover. When did you decide NFTs were for you as an artist and how do you think it benefits the independent creator?
I minted my first NFT in Sept 2020, and I’d describe my involvement as slow and then dove fully in and never looked back. It felt revolutionary to give digital art value. Previously it had been reduced to internet hobbyism. For larger ideas such as IP generation, it looked like a much better way to navigate funding and keep ideas creatively centered. I was already a crypto native fanboy since buying BTC back in 2013. Most importantly, it felt exciting and punk-esque to be part of a revolution that combined so many of my passions and helped serve a wider mission.

You’re part of the amazing list of Verified Artists initiative we have, thank you for sharing your time and art with our community! Knowing that they can have a collectible signed by the actual artist is big while still earning. How does it feel to sign Marble Cards cards so far?
I find it therapeutic. It’s nice to know people value certain moments or tweets and ask me to assign my verification to them. It’s like we shared something together.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing one of your sets at a live event, mine was at NFC in Lisbon. It was soo wild that it stopped many dead in their tracks to see your bobbing avatar and hello kitty twerking as the bass pumped out. How much of your sets are virtual now and do you feel it will get bigger outside of the NFT space?
Currently all of my sets are virtual. I was doing club/festival gigs from around 2007-2011 but mostly touring with other musicians such as my friend Addison Groove. I decided to revive my VJing skills in the metaverse, but now with the addition of my avatar it’s a live performance with both audio and visuals. Nothing has happened with this new development in the IRL meatspace as yet although some conversations have started. My background is in music culture so I have a deep appreciation for things such as venue, acoustics, sound-systems and lighting set-ups, and how all of these things come together to give audiences powerful experiences. I have a very strong vision for this.

Seems the word cult surrounds your work often nowadays, tell me about the concept behind CULTure CULT and also your inclusion in Cult Crypto Art. Does the Kool-Aid tastes as good as it sounds on tv?
Haha, yes and I have had some IRL friends reach out to me with concerns about this. I assure them it’s all in good humour. One of my first pieces was called ‘CULTure’ and was a semi-naked drunk dancing Stormtrooper. The story was he had escaped his brainwashing from the evil Empire and finally let himself loose to party. It was a play on the similarities between the words ‘CULT’ and ‘CULTure’ and how things that are totally normalized to some, but cult like behavior to another, this can also exist on both sides depending on perception. The outside criticism we get a lot with NFTs is that we are in a ‘cult’ (which in some ways we are), but also we are working to build a new ‘culture’. I think it’s powerful (and fun!) to wear those criticisms like a badge of honour.

It’s been a pleasure to get to know you more and looking forward to your future work! Now’s the time to drop some news on what’s next for Vector, what do you have coming up?
Right now I’m focusing on some metaverse wearables, some of which will only be exclusive for my collectors. A good mission for both myself and Cult Crypto Art is to push forward a metaverse native culture that showcases the wider crypto art movement. For this reason my metaverse VJ sets have started to incorporate other artists visuals with their approval, including some real OG’s. Oh, and Nifty Gateway have been kind enough to invite me back!

Well guys, it’s time to wrap it up over here. Gotta go walk the doge and console Harrold. What better way to leave this interview than with a CULT Meditation! Catch you on the marble side, kids.

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