Community Highlights #2

It is great to see continuous efforts and initiatives by community members to further elevate the meme explorer story! Thank you for all your great contributions during the last month and keep rocking in the future!

40,000 $MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors over the last month.

Here are some of the coolest contributions and efforts by community during May.

Latest additions to MemeHeads collection by iArsky. 

It’s awesome to see more and more of these created every month. Aside from them being quite funny, they are also really useful for making memes and other content.

We’re all looking forward to see more of these.

Yet another awesome community initiative and collaboration between Dehenne & iArsky.

Every time a verified artist autographs a card on, tweet is automatically sent out from @marblecardsinfo account on twitter.

Styling and design of tweet pictures is done by iArsky, while developer work behind it is done by Dehenne, a long time community member and an active contributor to the story of meme explorers.

Marble Clash is heating up!

Marble Clash, card game based on Marble.Cards is actively developed by Dehenne and is getting better day by day.

Currently there’s a small tournament going on in the organization of Patzo’s School of Marbling. It is a small “the calm before the storm” tournament ahead of traditional big summer tournament that we’re all looking forward to for some hot battles and good old trash talk.

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