Community Highlights #3

40,000 $MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors over the last month.

Here are some of the coolest contributions and efforts by community during June.

Royal Contest by ArchL 🀴🏻

During the Royal event by Archie, we’ve seen a royalty themed Marble Cards arena, Royal Family deck contest and the best newly minted Royal Card.

Patzo’s Meme Contest 🐸

During the June Epoch, Patzo has hosted a fun Meme Contest with a theme being people/avatars from our very own Meme Explorers community.

John McAfee Marble Homage by flashmob96

To commemorate the passing of John McAfee on June 23rd last year we’ve had a marble homage event for him in our discord.

The best card won, hard to say if he would pick a better one himself. 🀣

Dump Arena by Ekosawyer.

It’s been brutal few weeks, not only for crypto market but for entire world economy caused by many factors which we sadly have no power over.

Which of course means, we might as well have fun then. 😎

During the course of Dump Arena we’ve seen some of the most bearish and doomer vibes cards, which honestly are always the funniest ones.

Tragicomedy at it’s best!

Something is cooking!

It’s still hard to say what but shall see.

Last but not least.

Omahs the POAP master.

If there’s an event, there’s a POAP to claim.

Our familia say thank mister Omahs.

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