Community Highlights #4

We thought it would be a good opportunity to share some of the latest highlights from the Meme Explorer community as we continue our commitment to support a healthy and thriving community.

40.000 $MEM has been rewarded to the DAO contributors for their work during the July epoch.

Here are some of the coolest DAO but also individual highlights by our community during July.

– Artist highlights series by WGMeets continues!

Having interviewed CFW in June, during July we had the pleasure of hosting a very talented artist Darkened_m00d.

An artist that shares a side in CryptoArt seldom explored and does an amazing job at it. With great pieces that make insane cards, he has also given Marble Cards a different and welcome feel in the Voting arenas!

You can check out the full interview here!

– Travel contests by ArchL

Don’t know where to go this summer? Worry not, marble connoisseurs are here to save a day! 🀣

Goal was to make the best vacation from a deck of 12 marble cards with at least one of each: Location, food and method of travel.

Check out winner deck by bambinja here!

– Crypto Art Mario Kart

Why the name? Apparently no one knows but it sounds cool.

One of the prizes given out to a winner of Mario Kart evening was an origin piece by one and only EclecticMethod.

Noobs tested their skills against the self-proclaimed Mario Kart king Mr. Johan Unger but unfortunately their luck came short.

I’m getting a Nintendo Switch soon tho, we’ll see who’s who.

– Pretty Little Monsters.

Small project by one of our longest standing community members and an amazing artist, DinizBR.

A project on which he is working together with his wife and their son.

Pretty cool if you ask us.

– Summer Tournament is heating up!

Only 4 players are left to fight for amazing Summer Tour rewards. Let’s see who has the skills to take it home.

– Hot glitch tune by Malikaiim and oonami.

You can check it out here!

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