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Quite often art is seen as a commodity especially in the CryptoArt space, thankfully there are many artists that offer much more than something nice to look at. Alissa Christine aka LUVRworldwide belongs to that special group, she’s a healer, photographer and an amazing VR artist part of WOCA! Alissa manages to combine spirituality with the healing nature of lights, sounds and color to introduce a positive impact on the viewer. I am extremely happy that she’s lent some of her time to answer a few questions for us and has joined the Verified Artist club here at Marble Cards!

Tell us a bit about your beginning journey into NFTs, was it art first that made you dive into minting your experiences or was it something else?
Absolutely ART!
…and the drive to learn alternate revenue streams to help me survive and thrive by living my purpose. Like many, I began the journey during the lockdown. In September, 2020, I was inspired by the newly formed WOCA (Women Of Crypto Art) inaugural art exhibit open call. I had a tiny bit of crypto knowledge, and fervidly figured out how to mint and submit in time to participate in the first-ever, all women CryptoArtist, “SheArt” Virtual Exhibit at the London Gallery in Voxels.
My genesis NFT “Chakra Butterfly” has many other firsts 🙂
-1st VR painting ever at my 1st live VR performance (2018)
-1st AR piece
-1st VR animated music vid
-1st cryptoart exhibit
-1st time in cryptovoxels
-1st all women cryptoart exhibit with the 1st women cryptoart community
-1st Marbled card

You’re an artist of many great talents, what was the defining moment that made you want to combine healing, VR and sounds into one one?
It was a natural order. Starting with my own journey of personal growth, I have become a certified practitioner of wellness therapies and energy healing arts, integrating those insights into my art. Among my 25+ years as a creator of many disciplines, VR found me in 2018, and I discovered it is the most effective way to express my message: 
“See light. Be light. Share light.”  
The 3D space opened up expansive possibilities to create objects, scenes, and experiences that transcend beyond the flat image. I enjoyed flying through my own works and ‘feeling the healing’ of the light. The paintings organically became meditative journeys in the form of storytelling when I began sharing them, and guiding explorers to go deep within, literally and figuratively. 
The artwork is audio-reactive, vibrating to the frequency of sound, and so I incorporate synergistic audio to enhance the experience. Some of my sessions engage all the senses, fusing Reiki, aromatherapy and culinary pleasures. Now, many of my creations are conceived with the intention of multi-dimensional and multi-sensory immersion.

I believe that art can alter your feelings beyond surface layer conversation. You’ve managed to incorporate different practices in addition to the art like Reiki and aromatherapy which can heighten the impact of the art. Do you feel CryptoArt is ready for this full body experience yet or are these the beginning steps for such an immersive environment?
I thrive on pushing the boundaries of tools & expression. If it is physically and ‘metaversally’ possible, (which it is) then CryptoArt is ready! CryptoArt is just another channel of this full body, mind & spirit experience…with turbo power.
We are already in the future.
 …and… If not now, when?


Addressing good mental health is normally on the backend of thoughts for many artists within CryptoArt, what has helped you deal with the rollercoaster of emotions that can come from being an artist in this market and do you have any advice for new artists coming in?
I have personally experienced much overwhelm & burnouts with all the CryptoArt opportunities…and pitfalls. I have learned better to practice patience and acceptance of self.
Community support is a saving grace… and give thanks to my CryptoArtist Fam The Guild Collective with integrity & positive vibration at the core of all interactions.
Any other humble advice I could offer about CryptoArt …and… life in general is to share my personal mantras.
Practice being the best version ourselves.
Firmly protect our energetic boundaries.
Prioritize self care.
Express our truths.
Stay focused.
Be in service.
Ask for help.
Be kind.
Be grateful.

Neiman Marcus Commission

Live art can be such an exhilarating experience for the viewer, how do you as an artist feel about being in the spotlight while creating?
I am still nervous performing live! Although, being cloaked inside the VR headset is a huge help… where I can disappear from reality and be immersed in my own world. Most times, I do flow into a groove, and dance while creating.. and sometimes it helps to prepare a draft of concept prior to the event.
Live VR performance is a skill I am slowly becoming a bit more comfortable with… considering factors in addition to the art creation itself; primarily the inability to see my surroundings, and maintaining strong awareness of body positioning and movement, especially on small raised stages. Fortunately, I have not experienced any mishaps yet:)

Funk the Color of Music

The art you create has such an otherworldly impact yet feels like home and extremely organic, where do you go mentally when making art and are there any specific music influences you have?
The art is an extension of energy. I enjoy creating visions and experiences that may not be represented in this physical world. Focusing on uplifting vibrations, theories, ideas, feelings, relating to spirit, love, peace, freedom and translating those manifestations into light form.
One of my favorite things about TiltBrushVR software, is that is is an extremely organic medium. There is no coding. The process is similar to traditional painting. Every element is created by a freeform stroke of the ‘brush’ triggered by the hand controllers, which is sometimes full body length movements. 
Sometimes I create in silence… allowing more opportunities to channel the ‘downloads’. Otherwise, I vibe with music that has organic rhythm & balanced flow… usually instrumentals. Chillout, dub, tribal, ambient & occasionally mantra.
Enjoy some of my playlists 🙂

You’ve said that you love “coloring the darkness” which I feel is a perfect analogy on multiple levels, mental health being one of course. Is your art also tapping into how you are feeling or are these experiences more an offering to others?
I live & create to elevate myself and others. We are one.


I’d like to give a giant VR hug to Alissa for sharing her amazing art and words with us today at meme! It’s always nice to see more from an artist beyond their beautiful works and thankful we are able to peer into the life of LUVRworldwide a bit. Hope you all enjoyed this interview and until the next metaverse update… adios frens.

LUVRworldwide links:
Website, Twitter, LUVRworldwide Collection, Foundation, VR Meditations, Linktree

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