Community Highlights – September

26,800 MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors during September.

Here are some of the coolest happenings during last month:

Continuous questing and testing on

Big Poggers.

As of today, almost 2500 submissions have been made on the platform during testing phase. It has been incredibly helpful to receive so much feedback from the community during this phase.

We are working on many new updates and can’t wait to share them with you.

ArtMerge by dinizBR

Couple weeks ago, DinizBR dropped his debut art project on AsyncArt. 222 beautiful BluePrint 1/1 editions.

You can check it out here.

Additionally, we had a lot of fun with Diniz’s contests around ArtMerge using We are definitely looking forward to expanding on this and encouraging community members to utilize the platform to promote and gamify their content.

– MarbleClash development goes on.

Dehenne has been killing it for a long time now.

He is currently working on a mobile app for MarbleClash which will make it easier to enjoy battling other Marblers really anywhere.

As far as this is concerned, Dehenne has a lot on the horizon. Things like Quests, Play2Earn, BotBattling are just a few.

We are all looking forward to see it.

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