Community Highlights — October

Hello friends. Hope you’re doing well!

This month has been quite busy one. There have been a lot of cool contributions and moments that should be shared.

Buckle up.

21,500 MEM has been rewarded to DAO contributors during the month of October.

In no particular order, here are some of the most noteworthy.

As always Mr. Dehenne has been killing it, together with ArchL and Incat they organized a Marble Clash Halloween Tournament for some of the most hardcore Marblers, and newbies of course if you dare.

Tournament is currently on-going, here’s to seeing who will be the spooky champ of the tournament.

There have also been a number of stability updates to the MarbleClash app in October.

Also, here’s a smol shout out to Mr. iArsky, who is working hard behind the scenes on matters that have yet to be revealed.. Meme Explorers something something..


ArchL also deserves kudos for hosting an awesome CryptoArtist Hunt contest.

10 different verified artists on Marble Cards have been represented by clues in the images. Solving each image gave an entry to awesome reward pool, including Princess Doge, Origin MemeArt piece by WGMeets and Mako.

And last but not least, Omahs the connoisseur of POAPs.

An awesome looking POAP he made in collaboration with MalikaiiM for a launch of the latest MarbleCards collection, emojiGG.

Honorable mention of cool happenings.

In the last week of October, the team finally met in person.

We had a very productive day, with a lot of discussion on ways how to breathe life and bring more functionality and fun into the experience.

That’s it for now, peace frens!

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