Community Highlights February

56 500 MEM has been awarded to the contributors during February, one of the largest reward pools so far.

The largest reward went to Patzo, for organizing and following through the collaboration and event together with the Broadside, a next-gen gamified storyworld.

Every holder of Broadside had the chance to get the MarbleCards of the Broadside NFT they hold and get it signed by the artist of the project, Vector Meldrew. To make it easier for everyone, all they had to do is reach out to Patzo and let him know which card they want minted, and Patzo took care of the rest. Valiant effort seur.

New MarbleCards bot by leandro713.

It is a recreation of our old MarbleInspector bot. It will pretty much never get old, and is still one of the wittiest and fastest way to pop a quick meme in a chat 🤣.

Few quick updates:

We now have CounterParty (XCHAIN) support on! It’s now possible to submit Rare Pepes, Fake Rares and other amazing artifacts from the early Bitcoin days!

We have started slowly to build out classification and categorizing of NFT memes in our discord and on site together with the community. Long road ahead but the gamification process of the platform is finally starting to feel guuud.

In that fashion, we’re almost daily running bounties and quests so if you like exploring chain, history and derivative works of NFT trends and memes, consider joining our discord it’s fun I promise.

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