Community Highlights – March

As we wrap up the month of March, we want to take a moment to recognize and celebrate the incredible project involvement and self-initiatives by our community members.

24 500 MEM has been awarded for contributions during March.

Spring Equinox by emiterrier.

On the first day of spring, emiterrier organized a special event that invited members of our community to create two new Marblecards with Spring-inspired GIFs.

The response was fantastic, with many members of the community participating and creating beautiful Marblecards.

As a reward for highest voted cards, winners received a variety of cool rewards, including art from our Verified Artists.

St. Patrick’s Day contest by ArchL.

One of the standout contributions was the St. Patrick’s Day contest organized by ArchL.

For the contest, participants were challenged to create the best new original card with green marbling.

Dune dashboard by Artoria.

One of the cool contributions that was done in March was the Dune dashboard created by Artoria.

Artoria‘s dashboard provided a deeper insight into the holders of Marblecards, with features like a historical trend graph of holders/supply and a holder list that differentiates between Polygon and Ethereum cards. With this dashboard, members of our community could see who holds more of which cards and gain a better understanding of the dynamics of MarbleCards holders over time.

We’re almost daily running bounties and quests so if you like exploring chain, history and derivative works of NFT trends and memes, consider joining our discord it’s fun I promise.

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